I try to used calmquery below to retrieve data from sharepoint list column contain unicode character (UTF8) but I still cannot success result.

     <FieldRef Name='FullName' />
     <Value Type='Text'>ចាន់ សុភាព</Value>

any advice please share. thanks.


Try using CDATA tag. Example:

     <FieldRef Name='FullName' />
     <Value Type='Text'>![CDATA["ចាន់ សុភាព"]]</Value>

See these for more information:

How to query using CAML when a value has < in the value

Caml query with unicode charachter

  • It coming up with all rows that contain Unicode(10/10). actully I have only 1 column that contain "ចាន់ សុភាព" this value. any advice pls.. – tola Oct 8 '15 at 3:10
  • It not working on my environment it used the C# code instead of it. if(item.Title.Contains(strValue)){} – tola Oct 20 '15 at 8:09

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