<script  lang="Javascript">
    function quitBox(cmd) {
        if (cmd == 'quit') {
            open(location, '_self').close();
        return false;
<input type="button" name="Quit" id="Quit" value="Quit" onclick="return quitBox('quit');" />

I have the above code in a Visual Web part. I would like to close the window upon clicking the button. This code is working fine in IE but not in Chrome. How do I close a window with Chrome which is in a Visual Web Part?


You can't anymore because Chrome has become more tight on security a couple of months ago (self-redirection exploit)

and won't let a script close the window.


Has all the details

  • I am using the above mentioned script from the URL that you have mentioned unfortunately, it is working in Standard Web page but not in a Visual Web part page.
    – Ram
    Oct 5 '15 at 9:39

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