We have some users whose SIP address will not update using any of the SharePoint OOB methods. I have to force the update using powershell:

$web = $site.RootWeb 
$list = $web.Lists["User Information List"] 
$user = $list.Items | where {$_["Account"] -eq "i:0#.w|domain\user account"} 
$user["SipAddress"] = "[email protected]" 

I tried deleteolddatabases, all the various UPS syncs, etc. and nothing worked. It appears it is only the SIP address that won't update. I have read that this can happen if the account is not flagged as active but I don't know how to tell if an account in the user information list is flagged as inactive.

Any help is appreciated.

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I have not tried this in a production environment, but in my test environment it works. After you get the valid $user try this:

$user["IsActive"] = $true

Then you can force the sync timer job or just wait an hour. Setting the IsActive flag should cause the timer job to update the offending records.

  • The user account was already active so it didn't resolve the SIP address issues but I marked your response as the answer because it did show me how to check the status of the user. Thanks. Oct 6, 2015 at 12:22

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