Is it possible to have a custom Content Query Web Part that has two grouping levels?

Group 1
   Group A
     Item 1
     Item 2
   Group B
     Item 3
     Item 4
Group 2
   Group A
     Item 5
     Item 6
   Group B
     Item 7
     Item 8
  • Try using Content By Search web part and modify the display templates. – Aveenav Oct 4 '15 at 15:05

It is, with calculated fields.

For example: I want to group a list by year, then by month.

I can achieve this by going to my list settings, creating a calculated column, and then creating a formula that groups first by year, then by month.

Finally, I simply edit my Content Query Web Part, and select that new list item under Presentation > Grouping.

I hope this helps!

Calculated Column

CQWP Configuration


to make CQWP to have sub grouping we need to modify contentquerymain.xsl file which is difficult , instead of this we can use crossList data view web part which does the same job with more features. we can have 2 or more levels of sub groups

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