I have a sharepoint workflow dictionary in which I have following data:

Userlist: [{"Id":3,"Value":"Tim Meier"},{"Id":2,"Value":"Hans Müller"}]

This is what I get when I run the log and choose variable dictionary.

The fiels are Dynamic Fiels so I Need to know how I can Access them

Can I Access it via

Get 2 from Variable: Dictionary (Output to: singleuser) ?


You will have to setup a loop with the number of item in your dictionary, keep an index variable to know which item you are currently reading (ie, i=0, i=1, etc...) then the path to one of the item would be: results(i)/Id or results(i)/Value

So for instance, based on your example, results(0)/Id would return 3 and the Value one would return Tim Meier

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