I enabled the Document ID feature in my site collection as a test but now I no longer need it so I have disabled.

However, the files in my library still have the Document ID field when I 'View properties' of the document. I would like to remove this field/column. It is not possible to do this the usual way.

Can someone explain how to do this?

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In the past, I've used PowerShell to remove the Document ID column from a library or all libraries in a site.

Might try a script like this:

$web = Get-SPWeb -identity http://portal/site
$list = $web.Lists[“Name of List”]
$column = $list.Fields[“Name of Column”]
$column.Hidden = $false
$column.ReadOnlyField = $false
$column.Allowdeletion = $true
$column.Sealed = $false



This works for me using Office Dev PnP.

Set-PnPField -List "Library" -Identity "Document ID" -Values @{Hidden=$true}

This way it's no longer visible on the DispForm.

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