I have a document library with a few pages and each page has some web parts [webpart are custom web part]

But if I create a document library template (with content) and then create a new document library using that template in the same site all the pages are empty (no web parts). How should I solve this, to be able to keep the web parts in the new library?

Thanks in advance.

  • have you figured out your issue? Did you try what Fox recommended?
    – Kit Menke
    Jul 28, 2011 at 20:33

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It sounds more like what you need is a Site Template.

Please explain how your document Library is setup. Have you setup actual web parts on the different views of the doc library?

Example: Allitems.aspx has a couple of webparts, NewItem.aspx has a couple of webparts?

If so, saving the doc lib as a template should work.

If not, and you created normal pages, they wont be included when you save the library as a template.

Please explain more and i'll see if I can help :-)

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