While the most logical solution to this would be to make checkboxes for the answers, there are over 1000 possible choices, so while I want them to be able to select multiple options, putting 1000 checkboxes on the survey would look terrible and be hard to navigate.

Is there a way that I can set it up so that they can select an unlimited number of responses to a question via a huge dropdown list?

I could make the answer a freeform textbox but I want the ability to track (similar) answers among users, which I cannot rely on if they are allowed to choose their own syntax.

  • Have you considered making a selection from a dropdownlist and add the selected item into a gridview or something?
    – Marco
    Sep 28 '15 at 13:46

You could try using a multi lookup:

enter image description here

That way you could even easily track all your answers which would be stored in a list.


There are different ways how you can approach this. A multi lookup, like Paul suggested, would be the most comfortable.

If you really need a dropdown field and are able to use InfoPath, you can create a button, which copies the values of the drop-down field into a text box. Get this behaviour with Action -> Set a fields value and add a formula like concat(text field; drop-down field; "; "). Then your text field would look something like Option A; Option J; Option F;.


Is using the term store an option? You could create a term set in the term store with all of your values. For your list, create a managed metadata column that points to that term set. When a applicable values or click the tag icon to show all potential values.

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