how to hide or remove or disable delete item button on sharepoint list.( Except transform permissions)
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Based upon the context of this article you need to overwrite the CAMopt JavaScript method in Core.JS using the following:

function CAMOpt(p,wzText,wzAct,wzISrc,wzIAlt,wzISeq,wzDesc)
     var mo=CMOpt(wzText,wzAct,wzISrc,wzIAlt,wzISeq,wzDesc);

     if(!mo)return null;

     if(wzText != "Delete Item") AChld(p,mo);
     return mo;

I found an article that shows a method to do this in PowerShell as well (available here) but I think this is less than ideal and would recommend the above approach.

  • According to this link .Overriding core.js . But it doesn't work. Sep 28, 2015 at 10:07

If it´s just for this list you can use a custom CSS.

<style>#ID_DeleteDocItem{ display:none;} </style>

But it will only apply where the CSS is active and would affect every user.

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