I have some queries on the InfoPath secondary data connections and I'm hoping that I do get some answers

I have an InfoPath form into which I'm getting some information from another list. As it's not design friendly to pull all the information when the form loads, I would require a mechanism or a trigger using which I would like to query the data connection and display the information.

In my InfoPath, I have a drop down column DCity with values DCity1, DCity2, DCity3 and 3 single line text columns. Now based on my city selection, I would like to query the data connection and pull the city specific information only.


Create a new data connection that would query the List from where you are willing to get the data.

  • Select your drop down and from the Home tab, Select Manage rules option.
  • Create a new Action rule. Add any condition that you want to add, if not then leave is as it is, i.e is "None - rule runs when field changes.". There will be several options and here you need to select Query for data.
  • Select your secondary data connection name from the drop down and you are done.

Please see the image below:

enter image description here

After the 'Query for data' step, Add a new action below it to set the value of the text fields by using Set a field's value option. See the image below for the option to be selected:

enter image description here

To conclude it would be getting the data and setting it in the field just in a single Action Rule.

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