I have a query regarding how I should best handle uploading documents into SharePoint (currently WSS) where the Taxonomy asks for client code for all documents. The problem I have is that we have say 10k+ client codes so rendering a scrolling list of these to pick the code is a no-go!

How would you suggest I get around this issue? Split the codes up perhaps/custom coding to modify the new and editform.aspx files?


You can create custom field types that use picker controls or use OOTB BDC fields (also a picker control) to search for data.

I would warn you against creating custom new/edit form pages. It can be done but its a pain in the... to get working.


How about using an ajax autocomplete lookup column? So you don't have to modify any aspx files.


I think you are definitely looking at creating a custom newform/editform. The jQuery library for SharePoint Services might also be something that you can leverage.

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