There are two constructors for the SPRoleAssignment class:

public SPRoleAssignment(SPPrincipal principal)
public SPRoleAssignment(string LoginName, string Email, string Name, string Notes)

The definition of the Notes parameter is following (from MSDN):

The notes for the user.

In Visual Studio (2013), IntelliSense gives me following definition:

Notes: String that contains notes for the user.

But nowhere I can find more information regarding the purpose of this parameter. After initializing the class, I cannot find a property Notes on the object. Then I thought it might be in the Member property of the object, since the parameters LoginName and Name are properties of the SPPrincipal class. But also there, nothing about a Notes property.

I went looking on MSDN and several questions here on SharePoint.SE or StackOverflow but everywhere the parameter is just filled in with "Notes".

Hence my question: what is the purpose of this parameter? And how can I get the value after initialization?

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After further investigating I found that Notes is a property of the SPUser class. Thus, following would work:

var spRole = new SPRoleAssignment("domain\\name", "[email protected]", "name", "notes for user");
var spUser = (SPUser)spRole.Member;
var notes = spUser.Notes;

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