I have a Summary Link web part. On click of one of the links in the webpart I want an aspx page to be opened as a modal pop up.

The challenge is where to put this javascript code?

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You can put down the code in a js reference it directly in the aspx page. The js file can be put the Style Library.

Another option is to put the js code in a Script Editor WebPart. Just add the webpart > Edit webpart > add snippet in a <script> tag

This cant be done with Content Editor Webpart without embedding ( setting a html as a source to CEWP)

Refer this for using the script editor web part


On the same page where you have Summary Link WebPart, you can place a Content Editor Web Part which you can utilize to write down JavaScript code.

Have a read on how to Add Script into a Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) in SharePoint


You can also try to create your own XSL template in ItemStyle.xsl file (/Style Library/XSL Style Sheets), where you can adjust your custom script.

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