We have requirement that SharePoint hosted app need to add/remove in site when site creation(Site has been created using JSOM). I did't find any article regarding add app programmatically using JSOM.

My app is in appcatalog. I need to add it in site when site provisioning. usually we will do using UI [Site -> Site Content -> Add an app].

Is this possible in JSOM? or can i achieve this in any other way?


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For now, there is no supported method/function in JSOM which can help you to install app programmatically. As per the comment of Swayam, you can use CSOM to deploy an app.

CSOM has a built in method Web.LoadAndInstallApp to install app.

Please refer to this link for more details: How to add a custom app to a SharePoint Online site programmatically or you can also refer to this link: Office 365: Publish and deploy .app through PowerShell

Hope this will help you.

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