I have a correlation id for an error that an external list has been throwing which I need to view the ULS log entries for. I've connected to the site in SharePoint Online Management Shell using Connect-SPOService and then attempted to view the logs using Get-SPOTenantLogEntry -CorrelationId "my-correlation-id".

For some reason this doesn't throw an error, but it also doesn't return any results.

I've then tried to use the code based solution on Vardhaman's blog (link) but the Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.Client.Tenant assembly appears to no longer be active (the nuget package doesn't support any version of .Net 4.0 onwards).

Assuming I have a correlation Id from an external list and just want to view ULS entries for that error, how do I do it with SharePoint Online?

As per this link: Technet, it seems to be supported for BCS. Why then do I not get any results?


The simple answer would be you can't on your own for anyother error apart from BCS. Get-SPOTenantLogEntry would return zero results when there are no logs present, though it can be a hit or miss sometimes. Go for a safer approach, recreate the error, wait for few moments and execute below command:

$endTimeinUTC = Get-SPOTenantLogLastAvailableTimeInUtc
$startTimeinUTC = $endTimeinUTC.AddDays (-14)
$tenantlogs = Get-SPOTenantLogEntry -StartTimeinUtc $startTimeinUTC -EndTimeinUTC $endTimeinUTC -CorrelationId yourCorrelationId

If it doesn't work,only way to get the root cause is to open a ticket and pray for a timely response. I found this MS community question which will better explain for other error types or even for this as well.

You can post the detailed Correlation ID to us for help, because the detailed information about the Correlation ID is not opened to the customer. The Correlation ID is the code from server side, which includes detailed error activity logs about when the error occurred, where the error happened, which feature was related to the error and whom suffered the impact. As we consider that the correlation id includes the customer privacy information, this part will be only visible to the Support from the server side. That is why you cannot search the information from the help center. Therefore, if you receive error messages with the Correlation ID, I suggest you contact us or the other Office 365 support channels (the service tickets) to get the reason as soon as possible. We would like to capture and summarize the error activity logs from the server side, and then explain you the root cause about the Correlation ID by using PM.

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    Not true for BCS. Why does he get zero results when it is explicitly mentioned in the documentation that BCS is supported for getting logs? technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fp161369.aspx
    – Akhoy
    Sep 23 '15 at 8:12
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    @Taran Goel I'll give it a shot. Quite frustrating that it's all so poorly designed (tell me those no logs, don't just not show anything!) and limited as well...
    – Michael A
    Sep 24 '15 at 8:59

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