Is any way to show other field from AD in PeoplePicker control ?

E.g. from extensionAttiribute1.

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It is possible.
"User" field (People picker) can display different data, such as "Office". Data is retrieved from SharePoint User Information List. This is hidden list. We can add fields to this list in "Site settings"->"Users and groups"->"List settings". Next we must write code to add data from Active Directory to our new field in user information list.
But if we have non foundation edition of SharePoint (Standart or Enterprise) - we can use SharePoint User Profile Service Application (further SPUPS) for our purposes. We can add new field in user profile, map this field to Active Directory attribute, mark field as "replicable" and start full syncronization. After that we can see our new field was added from user profile in SharePoint User Information List by SPUPS. That's all.

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