Can i use Sharepoint 2010 (or 2013) Foundation workflow to

  1. start automatically when element on List A is changed (that's easy)
  2. find and update (set one field) elements from List B that have lookup field value set to Current element (from List A)

e.g. I have Books and Chapters 1-to-many relationship and want to create a workflow that will start when I change anything in "Bible" and find and update all elements from Chapters list that have lookup field set to "Bible".


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In SP2013 workflows you can use "Update list item" activity.

  1. Save NewData in a variable "SomeVar"
  2. ADd "Update list item" activity.
  3. Set "list=chapters"
  4. Add "FieldName" field to be updated with value "SomeVar".
  5. Change "Serch item" in the bottom of dialog form so that look through "ParentField" with value get from lookup value "CurrentItem:Id"
  • thanks, I will test this on SP2013, i assume that in 2013 they added a support for updating mulitiple rows? Sep 18, 2015 at 7:22

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