I try to add an item to my sharepoint list from a custom web part. Is there any mistake in my code?

        public static string AjouterDemande()
            SPList ListeDemandeConge = SPContext.Current.Site.RootWeb.Lists["DEMANDE CONGÉ"];
            SPListItem ListItem = ListeDemandeConge.Items.Add();
            ListItem["CODE"] = code;
            ListItem["DEMANDEUR"] = Utilisateur.LoginName;
            ListItem["DATE DEMANDE"] = DateTime.Today.Date;
            ListItem["DATE FIN"] = EndDateD;
            ListItem["DATE DEPART"] = StartDateD;
            ListItem["DUREE"] = int.Parse(DayCount);
            ListItem["PREMIER RESPONSABLE"] = Employe.FirstSuperior.LoginName;
            ListItem["DEUXIEME RESPONSABLE"] = Employe.SecondSuperior.LoginName;
            ListItem["PRESENCE PRES"] = Boolean.Parse(FirstRespPresent);
            ListItem["SOLDE CONGE"] = Conge.SoldeAnneeConge;
            ListItem["MOIS"] = int.Parse(StartDateTab[1]);
            ListItem["ANNEE"] = int.Parse(StartDateTab[0]);
            ListItem["JOURS APPROUVEES"] = 0;
            return "true";


When I use F10 to process debugging step by step and get to my listitem.update(), it went out without giving any error.

  • display name work for me to get those colomns value Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 16:02
  • ListeDemandeConge.Update(); any reason for updating the List? Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 16:05
  • is there any other suggestion ! Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 16:07
  • Change the listitem variable name to avoid confusion.
    – Akhoy
    Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 16:09
  • i tried that and it give nothing, i think that the problem is in ListeDemandeConge.AddItem() because no item is added to the list after this instruction Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 16:13

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Try SPList.AddItem instead of Items.Add

However, I can't figure out why your code is not working! Below are some links for your reference

List.AddItem() and List.Item.Add() … why two methods for same purpose SPList.Add() vs SPList.AddItem() SharePoint 2010

  • it doesn't work also no item is added to list to be updated Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 15:45
  • is there any other solution ? Commented Sep 16, 2015 at 8:07
  • what is SPList.Items.Count before and after the execution of this code? do you see any possibility of issue with permissions?
    – Vamsi K K
    Commented Sep 16, 2015 at 20:17

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