A very simple question: there are tons of trivial examples of SP2013 hosted apps online showing how you can get simple things running with just a little bit of JavaScript.

One of the most elaborate examples is by Jeremy Thake but even then, this is just a simple todo list and not a "real world" application.

I am looking for examples of apps that get a real job done. Bonus points if they use their own custom lists and cover all of the functionality available in SP hosted apps.

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This is an awesome example of using sharepoint hosted apps for reasonably complex implementations - Learning Path Manager by Andrew Connel

It uses AngularJS + BreezeJS + SP.UI.JS to develop an add-in with the sharepoint look and feel.

You can checkout a tutorial series around the same at PluralSight

Andrew Connel has a generic implementation demo around BreezeJs, AngularJS and SPHosted App here

Further details on - Andrew Connel's Blog

You need to have a good hands on around sharepoint rest API and AngularJS to completely be able to follow this tutorial

  • The first link in your answer seems to be different from the description. It is still useful so I would keep it but it seems the correct one should be: github.com/OfficeDev/Learning-Path-Manager-Code-Sample
    – Kris
    Sep 15, 2015 at 12:50
  • Sorry, I mixed up references. The first link has, amongst others, the implementations for sharepoint Rest. If you go to the Samples in this Repo section and go to BreezeSP2013Sample, you will come to a implementation using SPHosted app, angularjs and breezejs. I will update my answer. Sep 15, 2015 at 13:40

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