I'm trying to find the Best way to Build a SharePoint site(not an app) with Angular. I've multiple Content Editor webparts where I use the REST/JSOM to load content(Ex: Image Slider, List of Calendar upcooming events, some angular forms etc..).The question is how to efficiently create webparts so that I can just add the webpart where ever I want in my site. Right now I'm using following method.

  1. create an app js and refer it JS in masterpage.
  2. create a root element in each layout file (or in masterpage main contentplaceholder)
  3. create a JS where I all the controllers resides(controllers.js-created by gulp, bundling) and refer in masterpage.
  4. Each CEWP have an element with ng-controller attribute. in VS, create folder for each webpart(we call it feature), create a html,service and controller.
  5. bundle all controller and services into a single JS file and refer them in masterpage.

    Is this the correct way to use angular with SharePoint? Please Guide if anyone have a better approach.



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Sekhar, Here is my 2 paisa's (cents :) ) worth -

  1. Build a global service for all crud functions - ideally a factory
  2. Designate a landing page, (that would be the home/default page of your site). In this, add a cewp with reference to your spa html.
  3. The SPA html (lets call it app.html) will have all your references of js and css.
  4. Your webparts can either be a multiple components of a single view, or multiple subviews (ideally a mix of both)
  5. Add further views and controllers - (in their own specific directory) as you need.

Make sure you follow Angular Style Guide - John Papa . Its comphrensive guide to angularJs best practices.

If you want to make a view with webparts intuitive, consider looking into

Masonary JS

Bootstrap Material Design

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