I have a document library as the source and a records library as the target.

The send to connection has been configured to the target using these steps.

However, I never reach step 6. I instead receive an error which says the records library could not be found or accessed.

I have the Content Organizer Feature activated on both source and target sites.
I have the server application pool account as a member of the Records Center Web Service Submitters on the target site.
I have the correct URL in the Central Admin configure send to connections field.

Can anyone suggest any other reasons why this error is happening? I'm so stuck!

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I figured this out on my own because I'm a G. Details below:

I deactivated and then re-enabled the Content Organizer feature on the target records centre.

This created a new permission group, called "Records Center Web Service Submitters for (1)". I added the necessary App Pool account into this permission group and tested. This fixed the problem.

Even though I had added the app pool account into the first "Records Center Web Service Submitters" permission group, Sharepoint wasn't playing ball. It is now, I've tamed this wild harlot.

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