Am really new to sharepoint and i need to upload a site in sharepoint.The site contents(html,image files) are in my local system.When i try to upload in sharepoint i was not able to upload the entire folder in one click.Instead one by one only i can able to create.Initially i need to create all the folders manually and then was uploading the file one by one Using the add ew document and Add new folder button.

I tried even automating by c#, but there using


only one file was created at a time.

Is it possible to create entire folder in share point in a single click or can it be achieved through any API.Or i should only loop through folders and create files ony by one.

Am using sharepoint client dll


One option at you hand using OOTB is to use "Open with Explorer". You will find this option under the Library ribbon tab.

enter image description here

This will open your Library in Windows Explorer and you can them simply copy-paste your entire folder over here and it will get uploaded over to SharePoint Library. Note that, this option only works with Internet Explorer.


Also you could use SharePoint Designer, it has Drag and Drop support for folders as well.


You can use Drag and drop option or you can open document library with explorer view and copy your folder there.

For more information refer This link


If you already have working C# code that uploads a file, can you add a loop around it to add all the files?

Something like

foreach (string path in Directory.GetFiles(sourcedir)) { }

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