I have one date column and one calculated Column. If date column is blank i want to save null in calculated column and if it is provided then calculated column should save that date. I tried =IF(ISBLANK([DateField]),"Null",[DateField]) it works perfect in excel but not in sharepoint.


No Eric,

ISBLANK() is a valid Function and has been since the very start

Here is my tested and tried list of functions:


And here is the MSDN Documentation for all Logical Functions

ISBLANK is the correct way for testing for an empty date, so there must be something else wrong.

It can only be with the [DateField]


Returns: No



Should return Yes or No

You can also try what this returns:



  • on Non-english Locale you might need ; as a separator instead of the ,

  • with code you can write any value to a field, there is no checking!
    Has a 'developer' messed with your fields?

  • since an empty date field is a False value you can use:

      =IF( [DateField] , [DateField] , "null" )

PS. Wrong answers from persons with nearly 30.000 points should be rewarded with a -1000

  • To check.. I recreated a new list and tried. And it works as expected. Thanks Danny. I don't understand, why it wasn't working on earlier list. Sep 11 '15 at 19:09

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