I have a site where I use managed metadata as navigation. It works like a charm for pages. BUT When I add a list to my navigation it removes the top navigation item.

here is a rundown of how it is built:

enter image description here

"Superusers" and "Support opening hours" are pages. "Computer whitelist" is a SharePoint list.

So when I set up my metadata navigation I can see the entire navigation ( 4 elements if I choose "Superusers" or "support opening hours" as shown on this picture:

enter image description here

My problem comes when I click on "Computer whitelist". It doesn't show the Top nav point ( IT ) it only shows the 3 elements that are on the same level in the navigation as shown on this picture:

enter image description here

So my question is how do I setup lists to show the entire navigation? Or is this a limitation of metadata navigation?

EDIT: it is set to simple link as shown in the picture:

enter image description here


Try with simple link to list (with relative url)

Simple link to list


You have absolute path to list. Try with relative path to list.

example of absolute path> https://SITE/Shared Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Type just /Shared Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx


  • that is already done. – Cherubel Sep 14 '15 at 8:38
  • 2
    Edited answer :) – Marko Tica Sep 15 '15 at 8:03

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