How to get metadata column value in SharePoint Designer Workflow 2010 or 2013 ?

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For getting metadata column in SPD, create one calculated column for metadata and then get calculated column in workflow.

  • You can use lookup column for this.
    – Akshay
    Jun 22, 2017 at 12:03

This is a related question also asked around the same topic.

Here is a good resource around Parsing managed metadata value for sharepoint designer workflows

A typical structure would be something like “TX | c61d9028-824f-446e-9389-eb9515813a42”

Basically, you have to

  1. Pick the value from the column
  2. Split the value based on |
  3. Copy the zeroth index element to the destination variable and trim it.

To get the field in SPD wf -

  1. Choose action - set variable to value
  2. In the value section (popup when you click value)- choose the data source as the list which you are fetching the column from -
  3. In the field from source - choose the managed metadata column internal name
  4. In the find in the list item section - choose the field tp be ID and value to be CurrentItem -> ID (should look like CurrentItem.ID)
  5. Click on OK. This should get you value of the managed metadata column.
  6. If you want, you can use the action Log item to the history list to check the value.

Note - You need to search on the basis of the internal name of the column. In order to find out the internal name of the column - Go to - List -> List Settings -> Scroll Down to Columns Section -> Click on the Managed Metadata Column The url should look something like this -

http://.sharepoint.com/_layouts/FldEditEx.aspx?List=%7B5G5AD447-B908-4023-B622-52D04E9583F0%7D&Field=Managed Column

The Field's value is the internal name of the column

  • I am not able to find any metadata column in Workflow. I have created workflow on one particular list. And now I want to set the value of that column in one variable. Can you explain in detail how can I achieve this? Thanks.
    – DRS
    Sep 10, 2015 at 9:54
  • I am able to get metadata value of my column in SPD list workflow. I am updating the answer with the exact process Sep 10, 2015 at 14:19

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