I've created two folders under 80 folder, resources and bin. resources contains a folder usercontrols which has ascx file and bin has dlls. The purpose of having usercontrols folder under 80\resources is I'm using smartpart and it need it to collect the usercontrols.

When I deploy using WSPBuilder deploy option nothing went into web application directory. No usercontrols and bin folder created.

I've googled and trying to find why is this happening as it is mentioned in the documentation of WSPBuilder the usage of 80\resources folder that it can have any files.

Later, I found this:

The WSPBuilder should not pick up resources in folder 80/UserControl and my test confirms this, however 12/UserControl will but this is useless. The Class Resource files follows the DLL, so files in 80/wpresources will be picked up and deployed to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\wpresources" if the DLL is deployed to the Global Assembly Cache.

by keutmann ( the creator of WSPBuilder)

There is a contradiction between the documentation and the above statement. I'm completely confused and what does it mean to have a 80\resources folder?

Why I needed 80\resources folder is because I'm using Return of SmartPart and it required usercontrols folder in web application root to collect the User Controls.

Someone, suggest me to download the source of SmartPart and change it. Maintain your own version. This looks to me last choice to do. The source of SmartPart is avaliable on codeplex but there is no source code avaliable for Return of SmartPart. Left me no choice!




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More information on resources (in this case within web parts but still relevant) can be found here.

  • Thanks @Charles! Seems a great info. Definitely read it out.
    – Anonymous
    Commented Mar 5, 2010 at 20:26

Please refer this site for deploying resources and usercontrols in moss.

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