Is there any reason to prefer SPContentTypeId.Empty over default?

Console.WriteLine(default (SPContentTypeId)); // writes 0x
Console.WriteLine(new SPContentTypeId()); // writes 0x
Console.WriteLine(SPContentTypeId.Empty); // writes 0x00C2208B8CE6E1422CADC1C521EAB2A68B

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SPContentTypeId.Empty is used to indicate and check that a content type has no id (yet), for example, one of the SPContentType constructors

SPContentType(SPContentType parentContentType, SPContentTypeCollection collection, string name)

defined as

public SPContentType(SPContentType parentContentType, SPContentTypeCollection collection, string name) : this(SPContentTypeId.Empty, parentContentType, collection)
    this.Initialize(parentContentType, collection, name);

or in another method

private SPContentType(SPContentTypeId contentTypeId, SPContentType parentContentType, SPContentTypeCollection cts)

you find code like

if ((parentContentType == null) && contentTypeId.Equals(SPContentTypeId.Empty))
    parentContentType = cts.Web.AvailableContentTypes[SPBuiltInContentTypeId.Item];
if ((parentContentType == null) && contentTypeId.Equals(SPContentTypeId.Empty))
    this.m_id = NewContentTypeId();
else if ((parentContentType == null) && !contentTypeId.Equals(SPContentTypeId.Empty))

Hope it helps...


SPContentTypeId is not a nullable type. Therefore, you cannot initialize an instance of it as null. So instead you can assign it as SPContentTypeId.Empty , which is equivalent to empty content type.

    // SPContentTypeId ctId = null;//Throws build error as not nullable 
    //  SPContentTypeId ctId= string.Empty;//Throws build error as not type is not a string
   SPContentTypeId ctId = SPContentTypeId.Empty;
  • You can create struct instance with SPContentTypeId ctId = new SPContentTypeId() and it's not the same as SPContentTypeId.Empty. What are the cases when empty content type comes to play?
    – dbardakov
    Commented Aug 31, 2015 at 15:17
  • I would imagine that Empty would be used to initialize an object prior to code that may not always generate an ID, such as looping through a list of objects containing content type Ids and trying to match one of them. It would be convenient to just check if the ID is still empty, rather than adding a boolean if an ID was found or storing the initial value of SPContentTypeId() and comparing that further along the line.
    – m1g
    Commented Dec 21, 2015 at 5:24

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