I'm having a problem with my Search Application in SharePoint 2013.

I can crawl successfully on http but not https. Below are the errors I'm facing.

The first one below is critical as I have no idea what it means.

https The content processing pipeline failed to process the item. ( Cannot convert value 'System.Nullable 1[System.Guid][]' of type String to a value of type GuidSystem.Nullable 1[System.Guid][]; ; SearchID

http:// The SharePoint item being crawled returned an error when attempting to download the item.

sts4:// The SharePoint item being crawled returned an error when requesting data from the web service.

https:// The object was not found

  • Hi naijacoder, It sounds like some sort of a mapping variable type issue. A crawled property of a certain type needs to be mapped to the same type of managed property. Maybe you have a crawled property of type Guid (Which I never encountered before) which can't be cast to a textual managed property. That's just a hunch, but I hope it helps. – Pranav Patel Aug 31 '15 at 8:49
  • Thanks Pranav not sure myself as its a very generic error.Hoping if someone else has fix this error – naijacoder Sep 1 '15 at 1:56

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