The page Compare Office 365 Business Plans shows you the Office 365 business plans. But it doesn't tells you which plan includes SharePoint Online. I know that Office 365 Business Premium does include SharePoint Online because I have the trial version.

So please tell me which Office 365 Business Plan include SharePoint Online.

EDIT: Perhaps "Team Sites" on this page refers to SharePoint Online?

EDIT: I found this blog post: Comparing features in SharePoint Online across Office 365 Service Plans. It is from May 2012, so it is a bit outdated. Plans have changed from Kiosk, Small Business and Enterprise to Business Essentials, Bussines and Bussines Premium. So I guess all Office 365 plans include SharePoint Online. Do you know a page with updated info on this?

  • Not 100%, but the Enterprise plans use the same language (Team Sites), and they definitely come with SPO, so I'd say yes.
    – wjervis
    Aug 24, 2015 at 11:51

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I just checked the O365 catalog, alle Enterprise plans include SharePoint. The following O365 plans include SharePoint according to the O365 catalog:

  • Enterprise E1, E3, E4
  • Business Essentials, Business Premium, Business

If you just want SharePoint, you can also subscribe to SharePoint Online Plan 1 or 2.

The URL for the catalog: https://portal.office.com/catalog

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