I'm trying to map a Calculated Column of the type Date and Time to a Managed Property of the type Date and Time and then use it in a display template.

What i have done so far is:

  1. Created a Calculated Column of the type Date and Time
  2. Mapped the crawled property to a managed property of the type Date and Time (Using one of the empty managed properties available, Date00, Date01 etc)
  3. Ran a full crawl
  4. Mapped the managed property in my display template
  5. Published a major version of the display template

However, using the F12 developer tool, i can see that the value for property is null. My concern is that the calculated column is not compatible to be used as a managed property.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I have found this thread but sadly, without an answer.

Managed property for Calculated column of "Date Type" is not returning any results

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You cannot map a Calculated column to a Date-Time type managed property in SharePoint. For all the calculated columns the managed property type should be text. That is why you will observe the value as FieldType : value. For example for a date time calculated column the value will be something like datetime;#2017-07-05T22:00:00Z

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