In sharepoint 2013 resful api, I am using this

mysite/_api/sp.userprofiles.peoplemanager/getuserprofilepropertyfor(accountname=@v, propertyname='testprop1')?@v='aq/hello'

to get custom user properties, that I can't get in the standard way to call resful api for properties.

But in this type of api call, how can I specify multiple properties, I tried

mysite/_api/sp.userprofiles.peoplemanager/getuserprofilepropertyfor(accountname=@v, propertyname='testprop1, testprop2')?@v='aq/hello' 

but it didn't work... Does anyone know a way?


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As mentioned here in MSDN, There are two functions in SP to get the properties

getUserProfilePropertiesFor // for multiple properties, not  availablee in REST
GetUserProfilePropertyFor   // for single property

MSDN documentation has clearly stated that the "getUserProfilePropertiesFor" method is not implemented in REST (search for 'getUserProfilePropertiesFor' without quotes in that page). So, unfortunately you can only load one property at a time

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