I have 10 items with ID from 1 to 10 and set order by on Created field Ascending='FALSE'. Row Limit is 3. I use SPListItemCollectionPosition for pagination to limit the number of returned items. First query, I get only 3 items, namely 10, 9 and 8 in order. Second, I need to get expected items, namely 7, 6 and 5, but I get incorrect results.

I have read some articles that tell me to use the syntax, that I pass ID of the first second results set and its value of sort field, Created field, like:

Paged=TRUE&p_FSObjType=0&PagedPrev=TRUE&p_Created=20150818 07:02:48&p_ID=7

However, the query returns items with id 4, 3 and 2?

I also use the syntax "Paged=TRUE&PagedPrev=TRUE&p_Created={0}&p_ID={1}" but the result is still wrong. As far as I understand here is that the query gets items, start from the first item on the list (ID=1) and get only three items, which is set by row limit, and then sort them by Created field.

Some tell me that I could capture the first and the last item of the results etc, but in my case, I only have one way backward.

Please give me advice.

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Here is the Similar Question Paging. You can get the nextPagingInfo using OOTB function

nextPagingInfo = spItems.get_listItemCollectionPosition().get_pagingInfo();

You need to frame the prevPagingInfo and "Created" doesn't work for sorting. Use "Created_x0020_Date" instead.You can get the Original Source Code form MSDN. I used angular with this function and works very well.


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