Is there a direct way to copy a file from a SharePoint library to an Ftp location?

Currently, I'm able to download the document to a local directory using the OpenBinaryDirect method, however this only seems to take local paths, and not ftp://

Similarly, I can upload the file to ftp from a local directory using FtpWebRequest, however it cant I can't use a http:// source as a string or variable.

This snippet downloads the file to a local directory:

var fileStream = new FileStream(@"C:\%localpath%\file.doc", FileMode.Create); f.Stream.CopyTo(fileStream);

This snippet permits me to upload to an ftp location:

StreamReader sourceStream = new StreamReader(@"C:\%localpath%\file.doc");

I'd like to reference the sharepoint https source directly using OpenBinaryDirect or reference the ftp destination using FtpWebRequest.

Edit: HttpWebRequest has the same limitations as FtpWebRequest;


Why don´t you use "OpenBinary" Methode of SPFile, hold the stream in Memory and save it to the ftp-Server?

  • FtpWebRequest seems to only accept local file parameters - it doesn't appear to accept variables. – Oxossi Aug 18 '15 at 14:31
  • As I can on the MSDN-page of ftpwebrequest, they are reading a local file into a stream and Hand this stream to the ftpwebrequest. sou you should be able to Hand over a stream, no matter where it Comes from. – Leopold Lerch Aug 19 '15 at 6:20

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