I have a requirement to upload a file from a document library from another list.

My requirement is like:

I have a document library called 'Documents' to upload specific files(pdf and word). I have a discussion board called 'Latest News', in which I need to upload the files from 'Documents' as attachment. I have tried with Lookup, but that's not a ideal solution, if I have large number of documents. I need to link to the 'documents library' from my discussionboard 'Latest News'.

I am not sure how to proceed. Please help me.



Why don't you just create column of type Hyper link or picture and link the document by putting url and display text.

enter image description here

If user clicks on code snippets link, file will get downloaded.

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  • Hi Rishabh, Thanks for the quick reply. But by adding Hyper link or picture we need to copy and paste the url. That's not expected by user. I am not sure your thought is like this.. please help – user2395176 Aug 18 '15 at 4:00

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