We upgraded our MOSS2007 to MSS2010 (database attach upgrade method). We have multiple document libraries on a site. default.aspx contains web parts with the files from document libraries.

The files in document libraries are structured in folders. When I click on a folder, I get a mess of files and folders in all other doclib-webparts.

To demonstrate this I created two document libraries with the following structure:

tmp1 (doclib)
   tmp1_1 (folder)
      tmp1_1_1 (file)
      tmp1_1_2 (file)
      tmp1_1_3 (file)

Test (doclib)
   sdfsdf (folder)
      Test_1_1 (file)
      Test_1_2 (file)
      Test_1_3 (file)

When I create a new page (test.aspx), it automatically creates a new folder "1", som the url is ../SitePages/1/test.aspx

When I uploaded documents it suggests me the folder "1", but in the AllItems.aspx view there is no folder 1.

But when I click on a folder (tmp1_1) in one of my doclib webparts on the ../SitePages/1/test.aspx I get:

enter image description here

So I see the three files inside the clicked folder tmp1_1 as usual. But the second folder is messed up. I see the expected folder sdfsdf and all the files inside the sdfsdf and the ''ghost'' folder 1.

It happens only in the migrated site. It never happened in the original MOSS 2007 site. And it doesn't happen in the freshly created SP2010-sites.

Why are these folders appearing, and how can I fix them?


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I have only seen this functionality in Meeting Workspaces before. Each time you schedule a new Meeting in the same Workspace, a new folder will be created in the Document Library (1,2...) to store the documents for that specific meeting. The first folder therefore is one. Maybe you've migrated to a Meeting Workspace Template by accident?

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