I am configuring site auditing via CSOM. Most of this is easily done via code. The one piece I cannot figure out, is how to set the document library where the audit reports are stored before trimming occurs.

This is a sample of how I am setting the audit settings so far.

using (var context = this.sharePointOnlineAuthenticationHelper.GetClientContextWithAccessToken(siteUri.ToString(), siteToken))
    var site = context.Site;
    context.Load(site, s => s.Audit, s => s.AuditLogTrimmingRetention, s => s.TrimAuditLog);

    site.TrimAuditLog = true;
    site.Audit.AuditFlags = AuditMaskType.All;

Can anyone provide any insight on how to set the document library where the audit reports are stored before trimming occurs?

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A bit late in coming to the party, but in not being able to find the info out there myself thought that I should at least share what I got to work.

The value for the audit report location is stored in a site property which can be easily set via CSOM:

private static void setAuditReportLibrary(String targetSiteUrl)
        using (var ctx = new ClientContext(targetSiteUrl))

            var web = ctx.Web;

            var allProperties = web.AllProperties;
            allProperties["_auditlogreportstoragelocation"] = "/site/LibraryName";


Hope that helps someone else out :)

  • When in doubt, check the property bag. Thanks, this is awesome. Nov 9, 2016 at 16:11

Note: Current site collection should be Enabled custom scripting then only Audit properties updated. Please find below code:

Using (var tentctx = new ClientContext("TenantUrl")) { tentctx.Credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials("UserId","pwd"); tentctx.ExecuteQuery(); var tenant = new Tenant(tentctx); if (IsEnable) { tenant.SetSiteProperties(targetUrl, noScriptSite: false); } else { tenant.SetSiteProperties(targetUrl, noScriptSite: true); } tentctx.ExecuteQuery();
// Audit Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Site site = targetCtx.Site; Audit audit = site.Audit; targetCtx.Load(site);
targetCtx.Load(site.RootWeb); targetCtx.Load(site.RootWeb.AllProperties); targetCtx.Load(audit); targetCtx.ExecuteQuery(); site.RootWeb.AllProperties["_auditlogreportstoragelocation"]= site.ServerRelativeUrl + "/AuditData"; // Enable all auditing is site collection level site.Audit.AuditFlags = Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.AuditMaskType.All; site.Audit.Update(); // Adjust retention time to be 7 days //site.AuditLogTrimmingRetention = 7; site.TrimAuditLog = true;

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