I am currently using AngularJS. And so I wish to have AngularJS attributes on my people picker <input>s.

A first example: Data binding; shows how simple it is to use <input>s with no hassle in getting or setting input data.

<div ng-app ng-init="qty=1;cost=2">
        Quantity: <input type="number" min="0" ng-model="qty">
        Costs: <input type="number" min="0" ng-model="cost">
        <b>Total:</b> {{qty * cost | currency}}

However I do not know how I can use AngularJS with SharePoint's people picker, SPClientPeoplePicker_InitStandaloneControlWrapper. This is as it overwrote an <input> that I gave in the <div>. And as far as I know InitStandaloneControlWrapper is the only way to make a people picker.

Below is an example of what I hoped would work, but did not.

<div id="peoplePickerDiv">
    <input ng-model="myAngularInput" >

So if I haven't made the problem clear enough.
Is there a way to force SPClientPeoplePicker to use a given <input>. The <input> also has to retain the attributes given to it.


I have created a people picker by customizing ngTagsInput.


<tags-input ng-model="vm.newTask.assignedUsers"
                    placeholder="Pick User"
            <auto-complete source="vm.getPeoplePickerSuggestion($query)"></auto-complete>


vm.newTask = {
    assignedUsers: []
vm.getPeoplePickerSuggestion = function(searchString) {
    return demoAppSvc.getPeoplePickerSuggestion(searchString)
        .then(function(response) {
            var results = response.d.results;
            return results.filter(function(user) {
                return user.Name.toLowerCase().indexOf(searchString.toLowerCase()) != -1;


function getPeoplePickerSuggestion(searchKey) {
    var userSearchSuggestionEndpoint = "/_vti_bin/ListData.svc/UserInformationList?
        $select=Id,Name&$filter=substringof('" + searchKey + "',Name)";
    return baseSvc.getRequest(userSearchSuggestionEndpoint);

Also see my article in code project for more details.


You need to use client-side people picker control for SharePoint wrapped in an AngularJS directive

there are few links which may help you

https://github.com/jasonvenema/sharepoint-angular-peoplepicker https://github.com/matthewyarlett/AngularJS-Directive-for-SharePoint-People-Picker

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