We have an Office 365 2013 Business Premium subscription and are using Sharepoint online as our Intranet solution.

Our problem seems related to DateTimeField and timezone conversion problem

The scenario is as follows:
-Set Site Time Zone to UTC + 2
-Create Site Column "Mötestid" as a Date Field
-Create Site Content Type "Kallelse"
-Add Site Column "Mötestid" to content type "Kallelse"Create a word template for content type "Kallelse"
-Add QuickPart "Mötestid" to the a Word template
-Add column "Mötestid" to a library view
-Create a new document using the created Word template.
-Set document property "Mötestid" to 2015-08-10 18:30
-Save document

The problem is:
-Library view and SP document propery correctly shows time in "Mötestid" as 18:30
-SP document view incorrectly shows time in "Mötestid" as 20:30
-When editing the document, time in "Mötestid" is rendered correctly as 18:30

Any help is appreciated

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