I have a calculated column, formatted as number which is showing and image. Everything works fine on list views and in the web parts. But when I view a specific item, the calculated column only shows me the HTML code and not the image.

What am I doin wrong?

This is my formula:

=IF(Area="HR";"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/hr_logo.jpg'></div>";IF(Area="IT";"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/it_logo.jpg'></div>";IF(Area="KC";"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/kc_logo.jpg'></div>";IF(Area="PR";"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/pr_logo.jpg'></div>";IF(Area="BO";"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/bo_logo.jpg'></div>")))))
  • What formula you are using in your calculated column?
    – P S
    Commented Aug 7, 2015 at 9:22
  • added the formula to my post Commented Aug 7, 2015 at 10:33

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It is true that I need to go for CSR.

  1. I went into the edit mode on the DispForm view for one of my items.
  2. Go into the Web Part attributes -> Miscellaneous
  3. Enter the JSLink to your file (in my case it is ~sitecollection/SiteAssets/logo.js)

Sharepoint is showing my HTML code as a text string and for this I simply exchanged the innerHTML with my innerText. The only trick is to use the Sharepoint OnLoad function.


function change() {
    var elem = document.getElementById("SPFieldCalculated")

    //innerText does not exist in FF
    if (typeof elem.textContent !== "undefined") {
        elem.innerHTML = elem.textContent;
    } else {
        elem.innerHTML = elem.innerText;
  • 1
    innerTEXT does not exist in FireFox Commented Aug 14, 2015 at 10:23
  • IE and Chrome are the official supported browser in our company. But for completeness I have extended my code to support also FF. Commented Aug 14, 2015 at 13:05


in June 2017, Microsoft disabled the use of JavaScript in a Calculated Column

That means given answers may not apply for newer SharePoint versions

For long explanation and work arounds see:
June 13th 2017 Microsoft blocked handling HTML markup in SharePoint calculated fields - how to get the same functionality back

**Original answer:**

The Number trick to display HTML only works in Views, it shows the bare HTML on Forms and in Alerts.

#Full explanation and pros & cons at: https://www.365csi.nl/vm365com/#/How

For Forms you have to go for Client-Side-Rendering (CSR)


Your Formula:

;"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/hr_logo.jpg'></div>"
    ;"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/it_logo.jpg'></div>"
    ;IF(Area="KC";"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/kc_logo.jpg'></div>"
            ;"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/pr_logo.jpg'></div>"
                ;"<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/bo_logo.jpg'></div>"

###Can be rewritten to

="<div><img style='float: left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/"

###Which can be shortened to:

="<img style='float:left' src='http://intranet.contoso.eu/PublishingImages/Logos/"
&LOWER( [Area] )


  • @DannyEngelman Does this work in SP Online still? I tried and it works still on prem but not online! Just displays text. Commented Jan 11, 2017 at 18:58
  • 1
    It does work if SharePoint Online is in Classic mode, it does not work in the "Modern Experiences". Note: No branding/customization works in Modern Experiences; Microsoft has closed everything down... they have been saying since May "We are working on it" Commented Jan 11, 2017 at 20:45
  • Thanks @DannyEngelman , I did not find that info anywhere from MS Commented Jan 11, 2017 at 20:57

Just an idea to accomplish your requirement in a different way is to use CSR.

I think the pro's of CSR are in your case:

  1. Only one column
  2. You can sort by column and get the real name instead of the html code
  3. Easy to use in different libraries

If you have questions about the tutorial, don't be afraIT to ask.

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