I am trying to use a calculated column to generate something like this using [Created]: 161000TAPR15

16=Day of the Week, 10=Hour, 00=Minutes, T=[TimeZone],First letter of the Time Zone, APR=Month, 15=Year,

I've tried various combinations and nothing seems to work. Please help!

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    Is your Day, Hour, Minutes, TimeZone, etc. all in different columns? Or do you want to take the default "Created" field and format it like 161000TAPR15?
    – clk
    Aug 6 '15 at 20:06

UPDATED: I deleted my previous answer because I realized I had included the "minutes" portion incorrectly. Sorry for any confusion, I'm still new here.

This solution uses a "helper" TimeZone column. So you will need to select a time zone for each item uploaded. The TimeZone column is a choice column with the time zone choices (i.e. Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, whatever you want).

Next, create a CalDate calculated column with the following formula, which uses the default Created column to pull the date values with the following formula:


And here is the result:

The results

And you can change the month to all uppercase by using this formula:


with uppercase


This is shorter and easier to read:

  • SharePoint REPLACE (alas) needs a start and length parameter
    TZ starts at character 7 and is 2 characters long
  • LEFT() takes 1 character by default

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