I have a requirement i want to auto-populate the text in the "Share on Your Newsfeed" textbox with some dynamic text. The background is we have a quiz and at the end of that we want user to share that on their newsfeed just like Facebook. We need a popup like below when we click on a button:

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    $('#ms-microbloginputbox').val('text here'); should work. Create a page with a newsfeed webpart. you can only show the textbox area using css. pass your dynamic string as parameter. read that string using "JSRequest" object or GetUrlKeyValue methods. execute $('#ms-microbloginputbox').val('text here'); inside _spBodyOnLoadFunctions.push(function(){$('#ms-microbloginputbox').val('pass dynamic text here');}) – Shekar Reddy Aug 6 '15 at 19:01

You can call below url in your Sp.UI.ModalDialog to open a popup with your custom message prefilled:


Main Query string paramenter is ArticleUrl=YourCustomText

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