I want to edit the default View/Edit Properties Buttons in the Ribbon of Sharepoint 2013 to open the Disp/EditForm in a new Window or Tab (NOT a modal!)

Is there any way to do that or do I need to hide the default ones and create custom Buttons in the ribbon?

These two: picture of the buttons

thanks :)

ps. I tried jquery by adding a target="_blank" to a href.. of the buttons, but it just ignores those I also tried editing the CMDUI.xml in TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\XML and added a CommandAction to the buttons, but it wont load those either :(

  • Have you tried using jquery to set the click handler to the buttons? I believe that's what's causing the default functionality, so overriding that should allow you to do what you want. – wjervis Aug 4 '15 at 12:39

got an answer in MSDN forums:

Per my knowledge, there is no easy way to make the Ribbon button open in new window or tab, as the hyperlink is generated in backend.

As a workaround, I suggest you can create a custom Ribbon Button with the url format like below and use URLAction to make the link open in new window.

URL format for view Properties:


URL format for edit Properties:


Here are some detailed articles for you reference:

CustomAction: UrlAction to open link in a new window


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