I have created a new sharepoint 2013 site through Central admin. Now how do I open this site (file) in visual studio, because I have to create pagelayouts and content types in visual studio. Please help.


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A SharePoint site cannot be opened in Visual Studio. You can develop features in Visual Studio and deploy them through Visual Studio on a SharePoint site which is later activated and used.

If you are using Visual Studio 2012 then I believe you will have to get Office Tools for VS2012 to start your development.

And if you VS2013 then I guess they are already there

How and where to start developing SharePoint 2013 projects in Visual Studio 2012 is a nice start to read

An ideal approach for you would be:

  1. Create a SharePoint empty project using Visual Studio
  2. Add modules in it for Page Layouts and Content Types
  3. Create a Package.
  4. This Package should be deployed on SharePoint Site and activating it will give all the page layouts and content type on your site.
  • Hi... Thanks for the ideal approach... It does make sense.... hence could you please tell me how do I create Page Layouts, content types and package in visual studio?
    – Anonymous
    Jul 31, 2015 at 8:11

You don't open SharePoint sites in the same way you open an ASP.NET website. Getting started with SharePoint development is not as easy as getting started with ASP.NET.

This video, SharePoint for ASP.NET Developers, will not answer your question but it will give you a foundation you can use as a basis for further learning.

I highly recommend that you also consider getting a book or two, getting some online training or attending in-person training. I have recommendations for all of these if you are interested.


You cannot open sites directly in Visual Studio for Editing.

But in case you want to edit any particular file. Go to site contents > Any Library (not list) and try the "Open With Explorer" option

enter image description here

You can edit any 1. Masterpage 2. Site Page 3. CSS HTML JS Files. Hope this solves your query


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