Trying to access the Taxonomy in a SP 2013 solution (VS2012, C#), but always get a access denied (unauthorized access) on the TaxonomySession object if I am logged in as a "normal" user. If I am logged in as an termstore administrator everything works fine.

I even tried to clear the httpContext (http://www.communardo.de/home/techblog/2011/10/18/sharepoint-2010-der-termstore-und-der-priviligierte-nutzer/), but no success. The SPSite object for the TaxonomySession is even created as the SystemAccount.

All I need is read access for the solution.... cant't get it, what am I doing wrong?

            using (SPSite thisSite = new SPSite(guid, SPUserToken.SystemAccount))
                    TaxonomySession taxonomySession = new TaxonomySession(thisSite, true);                        
                    TermStore termStore = taxonomySession.DefaultKeywordsTermStore;

                    Group navGroup = termStore.Groups[group];
                    TermSet termSet = navGroup.TermSets[termset];

                    _termset = termSet;
                    termCollection = termSet.Terms;
                    _termCollection = termCollection;

                    NavigationTermSet navigationTermSet = NavigationTermSet.GetAsResolvedByWeb(termSet, thisSite.RootWeb, StandardNavigationProviderNames.GlobalNavigationTaxonomyProvider);
                    _navigationTermSet = navigationTermSet;

                catch (Exception)


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Add the Application Pool account as term Store administrator.enter image description here

For check your application pool account´s use the following command:


  • Thanks. Unfortunately this did not fix my problem. Still getting an unauthorized message...
    – mr.purzel
    Jul 28, 2015 at 9:06

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