Is there an api to upload a file along with Version Comments?

When I upload a file through the SharePoint portal, the file upload popup also provides a text box to include version comments if needed. I am expecting the File upload REST API to have an equivalent parameter but I am not finding it. Currently what we do to upload - Do a HTTP post with the file content to the below API


Is there a way to post Version comments too?

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You can use /checkin(comment='Check-in comment.',checkintype=0) OR /publish(comment='Check-in comment for the publish operation.') OR approve(comment='Check-in comment for the approval.')

For example:

_api/web/getfolderbyserverrelativeurl('{0}')/files/add(overwrite=true,url='{1}')/publish(comment='Check-in comment for the publish operation.')

More information: https://msdn.microsoft.com/EN-US/library/office/dn450841.aspx

  • Check in, publish and approve are meant for different purposes. My requirement is to upload a file with version comments. I want to know if i can pass the version comments as a parameter while calling the add method to upload the file!!
    – jkr
    Jul 28, 2015 at 8:18

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