I am trying calculate a UAT 70 day view that adds 70 days to today's date which represented below by the "CalcToday" column minus the UAT START DATE field plus 70 days (mm-dd-yyyy). The formula below returns dates with value that equal ,02-09-1900 and 02-11-1899. Which are definitely. If today is 7/27/2015 and I add 70 days the return should be 11/7/2015. If subtract the UAT START DATE of 7/17/2015 the value should be 10/27.2015. How can I fixe my formula? Thanks.

Current formula: =TEXT([CalcToday]-[UAT START DATE]+70,"mm-dd-yyyy")

  • If I understand correctly, it looks like you're just trying to add 70 days to your UAT START DATE. I'm not sure why you'd do the calculation of TODAY + 70 - UAT START DATE. It seems like it could be simplified to UAT START DATE + 70.
    – Joe
    Jul 27, 2015 at 17:19

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Where did you get your [CalcToday] from?

update: How to use Today and Me in Calculated column

No matter what the blogs out there say, You can not do Today in Calculated Column Formulas like you can in Excel because those Formulas are only recalculated when a List Item is updated.

So the [TODAY] Trick you read on blogs is producing almost the same output as the standard SharePoint Modified value... almost because Modified gives you a date and Today gives you the time as well.

There is no need for the [TODAY] trick on newer SharePoint versions because there is the Today() function...
Which is also only updated when a List Item is updated!!

If you want to do Today Calculations in a View you can do the math in JavaScript: Can anyone color code a column with an if statement?

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