I use SPD 2010 to create a complex workflow. I use many custom task process to interact with the different users at different stages of the workflow.

Each time I add a new custom task process in my workflow, SPD create a content type named Tâche _x0028_1_x0029_ and a corresponding Tâche _x0028_1_x0029_.xsn form (My SPD is in French, and unicode un-escaped, it is Tâche (1)).

Is there a way to control these names (without VS) ? When the workflow grows, it starts to be a mess.

PS: I've tried once to rename the contenttype, but not only the form name hasn't changed, but the workflow wasn't exportable anymore.

  • I'm pretty sure you can't change these content type names. – surfasb Nov 30 '11 at 16:59

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