I want to make some fields ReadOnly in External List in SharePoint 2013. I have tried JavaScript and SPUtility approaches as guided in this blog, but unfortunately did not work. In SharePoint Designer, the columns are not visible in EditForm.aspx page and I cannot do any customization to the columns. Kindly help me guide with the right approach as I am stuck in this for several days. FYI, I don't have access to Central Admin and I don't have Visual Studio Environment for SharePoint.

Thanks in Advance

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It is possible to make some fields Read Only for an External List. The idea is to create a new Edit Form in SharePoint Designer. The original EditForm.aspx file does not show tables and columns in it. Once you create a new EditForm.aspx file, Edit it in Advanced Mode. You can see all the table structure, columns, labels etc. in XSLT Format. Find attribute, ControlMode="Edit" with ControlMode="Display" for those columns you want to make ReadOnly.

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