I have created calendar overlays with the colors I want by overriding CSS. example following How can I change the color dropdown list item names. is it possible ? Screenshot attached.enter image description here


Display the calendar that you wish you change the 'dropdown' name. Click MODIFY VIEW In the settings VIEW NAME change it to what you would like for it to show in the dropdown.


  • I screenshot I have named the dropdown for which I neet to change display items. Its color list. I am not getting your answer. – Bhaskar Dhone Jul 20 '15 at 14:57

I made a calendar in SharePoint 2013, where the user can select a category and e.G. category1 I changed the color to red.

So I only needed one Calender without the overlay stuff. If you need more information about it you can check my blogpost.

It is in German, but the scripts and the formular should work. You can give it a try, if this solution will work for you and test it in the SP2010 Environment.

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