I have a workflow and the ending is not working for me no matter what I try. The point is that in Collect 6 the person says YES or NO to a question. If they say NO, it goes to Collet 7 and thats it. ( This works perfect) BUT if they say yes it should go to collect 8, then collect 9 skipping collect 7. BUT it is going to 7,8,9. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong for this second part. TIA!


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You have messed up your if statements. See the image below and change your if blocks accordingly.

This image is not taken from the designer. I have edited your image to show the correct sequence.

enter image description here


You have accidentally nested The if's. Move the second if down until it is outside of the first if and you should be fine.

  • Thank you! helped but still did not quite work.
    – VKay
    Commented Jul 20, 2015 at 16:15

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